Tag: Twi'lek


  • Twi'lek Bartender

    A Twi'lek bartender. Nitsuj brazenly asked for her phone number after a brief relapse into alcoholism in a popular casino. To his surprise, she gave it to him. To his dismay, she lost interest in him once he became angrily drunk after HK-45 lost their …

  • Peptis

    His name is Peptis. He likes his, protocol, watching the stock market and pod races. He dislikes new people, young people, old people, rude people, people who are too polite, Mondays, Thursdays, Sundays and his wife.

  • Master Chen

    Of the three Council members, Chen is the most neutral. He attempts to find the best solution for all parties, and to reconcile the opinions of both Doga and Tet, who tend to stand opposed. He is the most diplomatic of the three, and strives to balance …