Tag: Alderaan


  • Peptis

    His name is Peptis. He likes his, protocol, watching the stock market and pod races. He dislikes new people, young people, old people, rude people, people who are too polite, Mondays, Thursdays, Sundays and his wife.

  • Master Doga

    The more optimistic, idealistic representative of the Council of the Light. He remembers [[Nitsuj | Nitsuj]] from his days on the Order. He is swayed by Nitsuj's persuasive arguments and Grikdin's ideas of altering the invasion plans for Nar Shaddaa and …

  • Master Chen

    Of the three Council members, Chen is the most neutral. He attempts to find the best solution for all parties, and to reconcile the opinions of both Doga and Tet, who tend to stand opposed. He is the most diplomatic of the three, and strives to balance …

  • Master Tet

    Master Tet has little patience for sentimentality and hesitation when it comes to matters of importance and intergalactic affairs. He values quick action and decisiveness. He is a somewhat gruff, harsh Jedi and isn't easily moved.

  • Governor Marley

    Governor Marley is a busy-body and a socialite, one who prefers having a hand in everyone's pockets than having up in the air in surrender. He makes a habit of putting himself in others good graces, especially when said other is more powerful or …