Master Tyrus

Former Jedi Knight, current underworld boss on Nar Shaddaa


Tyrus was attacked by a fierce, mysterious assassin in his own office and nearly killed, but the crew of the Light Striker fended off his attacker and saved his life. When Nitsuj and company went in search of the assassin at Devil’s Den Casino (after losing a bet on her imprisonment and being forced to watch her escape with her freedom and a new slave: Grikdin), Tyrus sent his Wookie associate to assist them in finding her. Tyrus later entered Devil’s Den and took the defeated casino boss Jaroldy into his custody. In exchange, he provided the Light Striker crew with a way past the Guardians of the Light-enforced embargo on Alderaan.


An old friend of Nitsuj Bee, and a former Jedi Master who left the order when it was disbanded. Tyrus and Nitsuj bonded when the Order was still in existence, and the Master gave Nitsuj some additional combat training in order to help him to keep up with the other fledgling Jedi. HE also tried to encourage Nitsuj to open up and be more social, to little avail. Tyrus was famous in the Order for his love of games of both strategy and chance, as well as for his laid-back, calm demeanor, even in the face of danger. However, in truly dire situations, Tyrus is known to “wake up”, becoming more active and ruthless in an attempt to end the threat as quickly and cleanly as possible.

Tyrus now operates on a moral code similar to Nitsuj and many of the other scattered Jedi: gray and variable. Despite shadier business operations on the planet of Nar Shaddaa and an occasionally ruthless mindset, Tyrus remains amiable, reliable to his friends, and exhibits a noticeable preference towards fair play. Despite having spent years away from the Academy and Council, he retains his sense of fairness and right and wrong… while still looking out for himself and his best interests, of course.

Master Tyrus

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