Star Wars: The Grey Knights Saga

The Sith Lair

Treasure Hunting in the Dark

Nitsuj Bee, HK, and Sleeshstock returned to the Tatooine space port to spend their recovered loot. While at a local cantina, they witness a cloaked Gungan bisect a Jawa with an energy ax, which HK vocally approves of. The Gungan introduces himself as Darth Gobo, a young Sith searching to improve himself by looting an ancient Sith temple supposedly buried in a nearby mountain range.

Wanting to purchase a ship from a shifty Toydarian named Watooie, the group sets out to assist Gobo. Borrowing Watooie’s land speeder, the party begins a day-long ride to the ruins.

The party finds the remains of the temple, now reduced to a few crumbling rooms, the party battled through a band of Jawas that had taken residence and a series of traps still functioning after centuries of neglect. Deep beneath the mountain, the party finally discovers a hidden meditation chamber, where they find an ancient and decrepit Sith.

After a taxing battle, the Sith falls, leaving behind a broken light saber and a small fortune in gems and artifacts.



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