Star Wars: The Grey Knights Saga

Regrouping on Dantooine

Allies are met and lines are drawn.

The campaign continued with this text:

“Episode II:
The Grey Knights

War has once again broken out across the face of the Galaxy. The Republic stands without the aid of the Jedi Order, depending solely on their military might to preserve peace.

In fact, it is the remnants of that very Order they cast out that now threatens the Republic’s peace, as the former Jedi masters gather under the banner of the Order of the Light, devoted to driving the Dark Side out of the Galaxy, no matter the cost.

Having seen the terrible devotion of the Order first hand, ex-Jedi Nistuj, smuggler Sleshstock, and the assassin droid HK-47 rush to the planet of Dantooine to find guidance from Master Vrook, and begin preparations for the coming conflict… "



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