Star Wars: The Grey Knights Saga

Hunt for the Gizka Man

The Adventure Begins!

The Campaign began with this introduction:

“Episode I:
Unlikely Alliances

It is a dark time for the Jedi Order. Following the latest conflict in the eternal struggle between the Jedi and the Sith, the galactic populace has demanded the removal of Jedi influence from the Republic. Now the Temple of Coruscant rests in defeated darkness, its statues decomposing, and its hallways echoing silence.

Without the Jedi serving as its backbone, words of political upheaval have begun to be whispered in the Outer Rim. As long sedated feuds begin to reawaken, unscrupulous men begin making use of their talents in what is a strong sellers market in businesses of questionable legality.

Adding to the chaos are thousands of Force-sensitives now running free without a Council to guide them. As the first generation in centuries to rise without a unified Republic and Jedi Order, all eyes are on them to see what fate will befall this new and dangerous Galaxy…"

On the planet Tatooine, ex-Jedi Knight Nitsuj Bee and his assassin droid HK-45 meet the Trandoshan smuggler Sleshstock. All of them lacking personal funds, they take a quest to find a mysterious thief targeting outlying moisture farmers.

After investigating the most recent robbed farm, they discover a series of tiny footprints leading into the desert. Tracking the trail to a small cave system, they discover an organized pack of Gizka, lead by The Gizka Man. The group quickly overcame the thief and his army of vermin, and returned the stolen loot, taking a sizable amount for personal use.



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